What to Know About the Upcoming 3G Network Sunset

Verizon and AT&T have announced the Sunset of the 3G cellular network in 2022. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the 3G Network Sunset.

What is happening?

In the coming months, cellular companies will shut down the older 3G network to free up resources for the more-advanced LTE network. Currently, your alarm system uses the 3G network to transmit alarm signals to Advanced Security System’s Central Monitoring Station. While 3G was the state-of-the-art network when your equipment was installed, the FCC is now allowing cellular carriers to shut down the 3G network in 2022. After that, the 3G network will no longer be supported by cellular carriers and your alarm system will not be able to communicate unless you update your alarm communicator.


Why is it happening?

Cellular networks have undergone a steady evolution since the 1980s. By ending 3G services, cellular carriers are able to repurpose limited network resources to the newer LTE and 5G networks.


Is cellular still a good option?

While we offer a number of communication technologies, cellular is one of the most effective, secure and reliable. With more and more people canceling their land-line phone service, cellular communication has become the standard in the alarm industry. Of course, we would be happy to discuss alternatives with you.


Will cellular technology change again?

The current LTE network will be the standard for the foreseeable future. But since technology advances rapidly, it’s likely that cellular networks will evolve to new technology in the future. At that time, LTE communicators will likely need to be upgraded to keep pace, however cellular companies have committed to supporting the LTE network for the next 10 years.


Why not upgrade to the 5G network?

While the 5G network promises many advantages, it’s not ready for widespread consumer use. A few cities have seen the introduction of the 5G network, but these are limited cases. It will likely be several years before 5G networks are widely available.


What do I need to do?

Advanced Security Systems can let you know if your system needs will be affected by the 3G Sunset. You can call us directly and we’ll be able to assist you.