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Advanced Security Systems FAQs

Q. Can I operate my alarm and stay inside my home?

A. Yes! A properly designed Security System allows a separate setting for "at home" or "stay" operation.

Q. Can I set my alarm with a pet left inside?

A. Yes!  Advanced Security System offers the choice in motion detectors that actually detects an intruder, but not your pet!

Q.  Does the alarm sound a siren when activated by an intruder?

A. Yes! We have audible devices such as sirens and bells, which are in most cases, "a first line of defense" for deterring burglars. We also will discuss with you the options of a "silent" alarm.

Q.  Will I get a discount for my homeowners insurance when I purchase a security system?

A. Yes!  Most insurance companies will discount your insurance rates by 10-15%.

Q.  Will my children be able to operate the alarm?

A. Yes!  The system can be armed at the press of a button and disarmed with a 4-digit code, keyfob or key.

Q.  What happens if I accidentally trigger my alarm system?

A. Simply use your passcode to silence the alarm and then call our in-house Central Station with your password to cancel the response of the responding agency.

Q.  I have received a low battery signal.  Can I change my own battery?

A. Yes!  Each alarm system is equipped with a 24-hour backup battery in the event of a power outage.  These batteries are rechargeable and last between 3-5 years.  The battery is located in the control panel of the system, typically located in a closet of your home.  Replace the 12 volt battery by attaching the red wire to the red adaptor on the battery and the black wire to the black adaptor on the battery.  Again, our Customer Service team is here to walk you through this process or to schedule a technician.

Q.  What is CO monitoring and is it required?

A. CO monitoring is the monitoring of carbon monoxide levels in the home.  In the state of California all single family dwellings must have a CO monitor installed by July, 2011.  Advanced Security Systems offers CO monitoring at no additional monthly cost to you.  Call to speak to one of our specialists today for more information.

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