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There’s no more powerful message than one from you, our customers. Here’s what they had to say about Easy Call and how it helped them or their loved one.


Just a note to express my profound gratitude for your life saving service. When I returned from the hospital yesterday I had 4 messages on my answering machine, the first one was yours. You had received the alarm from my pendant, made the phone calls then called the ambulance. I might still be a heap in the middle of my L.R. floor without your expedient help. My hip had gone out, which leaves the victim totally helpless. I sincerely believe you saved my life.


Such Comfort

This little button is such a comfort to me. I would hate to be without, I know there are many more that feel the same way.

~Isabel Detlefsen

Perfect Timing

After having her unit for only 10 days Vernice fell and broke her ankle. If it had not been for her Easy Call unit she would have laid on the floor for over 10 hours waiting for family members to come home. Fortunately for Vernice she was able to push her button and have an ambulance sent right away.

~Vernice Danielson

Life or Death

The difference of having a Easy Call unit for me is life or death. My Life+Guard unit provides security and protection for me as I live alone and I am very sick. Thank you for providing such a necessary service.

~Eva Cone

At Ease

My mother was hesitant to wear her button, but after Forrest installed the unit and put all her worries at ease I am an now able to not worry when my mother is home alone. Thank you for your staff being so kind.

~Pam Strachan

Blessings on All of You

...Just a note of thanks to all of you amazing people. I fell awhile back and could not get up. So I pushed my button, how comforting to hear a kind voice answer and get help for me. Thank you so much and blessings on all of you.

~ M. Detlefsen

Friendly Firemen

" I learned to use my button five days after I got my Easy Call unit as I had a tendency to 'roll' out of bed. The fire department sure did get to know me as I used my button regularly.

~ Ms. Hill