FAQ - Easy Call

local people- local service, CALL TODAY 707-445-9911

Q. How do I contact you?

A. CUSTOMER SERVICE: (707) 445-9911 or toll free: (888) 710-0911 Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm PST.

Q. Can I wear my button under my clothing?

A. Yes! You can wear your button on your wrist or on a lanyard around your neck. As long as you can reach your button in an emergency, you are protected.

Q. How do emergency personnel or my responders get into my home?

A. If you are concerned about your responders or emergency personnel not being able to enter a locked door, a key safe can be installed. The combination to the safe will be held by our dispatchers and they will provide the responder with the combination to get into your home.

Q. Can I wear my button outside of the house?

A. With a range of up to 200 feet from the base unit, most buttons work from a front driveway or backyard. Actual distance may vary, depending on certain factors around the home. You may test your button from any area you are concerned about - just call our monitoring center and let them know you will be testing.

Q. Can I wear my button in the bath or shower?

A. Absolutely! It is waterproof and we recommend you wear it at all times while home, especially in the bathroom where many falls occur.

Q. How long will my button last?

A. Your wearable button is very durable and contains a long life battery that will last at least three years. Should its battery power become low, our monitoring center will receive a low battery signal and contact you to replace your help button at no charge.

Q. How can I be sure there is a good connection for monitoring?

A. Our equipment performs daily automatic tests of your telephone, AC power, and battery strength. Should any abnormal conditions be detected, they will automatically be reported to our monitoring center, and we will contact you to resolve the issue.

Q. What if my power goes out?

A. Your base unit has a backup battery that maintains the system when there is a power outage. This battery is designed to operate for up to 24-hours in emergency conditions. Once power has been restored, the battery will recharge automatically.

Q. What if you can't hear me through the speaker?

A. If we are unable to talk to you for any reason, we will begin calling the people on your responder list until we reach someone who can come to your assistance. Should none of your responders be available when we call, we will dispatch emergency services to come to your assistance.

Q. I am moving. Can my system come with me?

A. Absolutely! Simply call our customer service prior to your moving date and provide your new address and phone number, and any updates to your responder list. We can send you instructions on setting up your system in your new home and testing it after you have moved.

Q. Can I change my responder list information?

A. Yes, anytime. Simply call customer service and give us the new information so that we can update your account.

Q. Will the system work if I have cable phone service? What about DSL service?

A. Yes to both. However, please let us know if you plan to add DSL internet or cable telephone service. We will provide a special filter enabling our system to share the line.

Q. Who maintains the equipment I am using?

A. Easy Call® provides 100% warranty on our equipment, which includes any needed maintenance. This includes battery replacement, wristband or neck cord replacement, and technical support if the equipment should ever malfunction. Any faulty equipment will be replaced at no charge to you. We are not responsible for defects in your telephone system or electrical wiring, and if such a problem exists, we may refer you to your phone company or electrician.

Q. Who owns the equipment I am using?

A. Your transmitter button(s), base unit, power cord and phone cords are owned by Easy Call® and were loaned to you as part of our monitoring service. If you have purchased a KeySafe, MedicTag, Fashion Wrist Band or certain other items, these are yours to keep.

Q. What is your cancelation policy?

A. There is no minimum contract term and no cancelation fee. To cancel, please call customer service and make arrangements to return our equipment. Upon receipt of the equipment, we will cancel your service and adjust the final billing as of that date. You will be charged replacement cost for any equipment that is not returned to Easy Call®